Malema ‘the Con-mander-in-Thief’ –

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema. <i>AFP</i>Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema. AFP

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie, in an open letter, branded Economic Freedom Fighters commander-in-chief Julius Malema, as the biggest thief he has ever met.

McKenzie, a reformed gangster, said that he felt it was his duty to warn South Africans against Malema.

“I see this open letter as part of repaying my many debts to society. If I did not speak up to warn the people of South Africa, but especially our youth, against you, it would mean I have no love for this country.”

He criticised Malema for his lavish lifestyle while promising the poor “the world.” McKenzie also lashed Malema for using public money for parties and for having “never worked an honest day in your life to earn your own money.”

McKenzie also accused Malema of using public money to level a R3-million house to build his own R16-million home on top of it. He also lashed Malema for insulting anyone who spoke ill of him.

In a parting shot, McKenzie said that Malema was a politician who was waiting to go to prison.

“You get two kinds of politicians in this country: the ones who come from prison and those who must still go to prison. You belong to the latter. I may be an ex-thief, but you are a present-day thief. You, particularly you, cannot be calling all white people in this country thieves.”

McKenzie said that he was afraid of what would happen to South Africa if the country was not warned of what Malema represented.

Gayton McKenzie’s open letter to Malema.

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