4 D Manifestor – Powerful Abundance Creation Technology

4 D Manifestor – Powerful Abundance Creation Technology
4 D Manifestor - Powerful Abundance Creation Technology
Finally, You Can Start Attracting The Wealth And Abundance You Deserve. 4 D Technology Taps Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Releasing Blocked Energy And Immediately Unleashing Infinite Abundance Into Your Life
4 D Manifestor – Powerful Abundance Creation Technology

Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke Engines
Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke Engines
Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke Engines Book Explains The Vehicle Technology, Electronic Engine Management, Diagnostic And Testing Procedure As Well As Function And Operation Principle Of Each Engine Component On New Automobiles Generation With Overview
Automobile Electronics & 4-stroke Engines

50 Cent – Ayo Technology

50 Cent – Ayo Technology

from Curtis

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The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn
No other social network comes close to LinkedIn LNKD +2.97% for professional networking and lead generation. However, while many professionals use the platform to make new connections, LinkedIn is much more than just an online rolodex. If you’re …
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Starbucks? OK. Lattes? No! Cuba business rules still complex after US changes
Starbucks Corp can move to Cuba, but it still cannot sell lattes there. The Obama administration on Friday tore down barriers to U.S. companies doing business on the Communist-ruled island just south of Miami, but plenty of regulatory and legal …
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More US firms eying overseas moves given EXIM lapse: AIA
“Any company that has traditionally depended on EXIM financing as part of their strategy to sell internationally will start to hedge their bets with thoughts of moving their business overseas where they can get that support from a different government …
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NRG to Split Off Renewable Businesses, Pay Down Debt

NRG to Split Off Renewable Businesses, Pay Down Debt
The announcement represents a setback for NRG Chief Executive David Crane, one of the most passionate advocates of renewable energy in the electricity business. In the past, he has promoted solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars as the future of …
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Eyes on PMIs for clues after Fed keeps markets guessing
PARIS (Reuters) – Business confidence data from China and the euro zone will offer some pointers this week to where the global economy is going after the U.S. Federal Reserve kept markets guessing about when it will begin raising rates. With a Chinese …
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Oscar’s fate remains uncertain – Independent Online

iol news pic Oscar Pistorius aug17AP Oscar Pistorius. File picture: Themba Hadebe

Pretoria – While Oscar Pistorius’s release from the Kgosi Mampuru 11 Prison in Pretoria is imminent, there was no news by late on Friday when it would be.

Members of the media camped outside the Pretoria jail from on Friday morning, waiting for news from the correctional supervision and parole board.

The board convened at a prison in Durban on Friday to reconsider, among other things, Pistorius’s placing on parole.

A source close to the department told the Pretoria News that the board only convened five or six times a year to reconsider inmates’ placement on parole.

Pistorius’s case is only one of the many to be considered.

It could be that the hearing runs over to Monday, the source said.

Pistorius’s family also appeared to be in the dark as to when he would be released, with family spokeswoman Anneliese Burges by late on Friday saying they had not heard anything.

Justice Minister Michael Mashuta’s spokesperson, Mthunzi Mhaga, could not be reached for comment. The minister is one of the first expected to hear when Pistorius will be released on parole, as he was the one who referred the matter back to the review board.

A few members of the media meanwhile camped outside the Waterkloof house of Pistorius’s uncle, Arnold, in the hope of getting a glimpse of the blade runner returning home.

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Pretoria News

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Sadtu slams ANA decision – iAfrica.com

Credit: sxc.huCredit: sxc.hu    

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) and National Professional Teacher’s Organisation of South Africa (Naptosa) have slammed the Basic Education Department for its decision to proceed with the Annual National Assessment (ANA) exams this year, apparently without consulting with them.

Minister Angie Motshekga told the media in Pretoria on Friday that the council of education ministers decided after meeting with unions to conduct the exams later this year.

The process was scheduled to be conducted this week, but Sadtu announced last week that its members wouldn’t participate.

Motshekga says the decision to write the ANA from 1 to 4 December is in line with the agreement reached with unions.

“In our engagement with unions last week it was agreed that we’ll postpone the assessments for a period of 90 days. The dates agreed on fall within the 90 days period.”

However, Sadtu’s Nkosana Dolopi doesn’t agree.

“There was no agreement. They spoke about writing ANA in February next year. Now for them to just change it’s problematic because it undermines the whole process of us discussing it.”

Naptosa described the move as insane considering the assessment exams would follow the regular term tests.

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On EWN: Sadtu unhappy with decision to proceed with ANA

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Editotial: Bad precedents for plane politics – Mail & Guardian Online

The problem is that we stumbled around for half a decade without addressing the structural problems that cause scandal to erupt every few months.

Cyril Ramaphosa arrives in Japan in a Gupta-owned plane. (Kopano Tlape)

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Japan has lifted a WWII ban on its military fighting in overseas conflicts – NEWS.com.au

Demonstrators hold placards to protest against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial security bills in front of the National Diet in Tokyo on September 18, 2015. AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGI

JAPAN has made a dramatic change in policy moving away from an adherence to pacifism in a decision that will have far reaching implications for world affairs.

The country’s parliament passed contentious security bills into law in the early hours of Saturday, in a move that could see Japanese troops fight abroad for the first time in 70 years.

Lawmakers approved the bills to ease restrictions on the country’s tightly controlled military, while outside thousands rallied in a last-ditch show of opposition to laws they fear could fundamentally reshape the proudly pacifist nation.

Currently, they can only use force for self-defence if the country or they themselves are directly attacked.

The rule is based on the Japanese constitution, drafted by the US after Japan’s defeat in the World War II, which bans the “use of force as means of settling international disputes”.

The changes, which would allow Japanese troops to fight in defence of allies, have drawn tens of thousands of people from across society onto the streets in almost daily protests, in a show of public anger rarely seen on such a scale.

Members of SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracies) stage a rally against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's controversial security bills. AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGI

Members of SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracies) stage a rally against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial security bills. AFP PHOTO / KAZUHIRO NOGISource:AFP

Parliament security officers pull out an audience member after his hooting to support Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA

Parliament security officers pull out an audience member after his hooting to support Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURASource:AFP

Supporters of the move say it is vital to ensure Japan can respond to threats from an increasingly belligerent China and unstable North Korea, while opponents argue it will fundamentally alter the country’s pacifist character.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has welcomed the reforms. “These reforms will allow Japan to make a greater contribution to international peace and stability, including by exercising its UN Charter right to collective self-defence,” Ms Bishop said in a statement today.

The legislation has been something of a pet project for nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but has been highly controversial in Japan, and has cost him a lot of public support.

President of the upper house Masaaki Yamazaki said the bills passed with 148 lawmakers voting in favour, compared to 90 against, after hours of tense debate. The emotional affair was marked by impassioned opposition from a number of parliamentary members.

Opposition party councillor Taro Yamamoto gives the final appeal displaying green-coloured "No" ballot prior to his vote for the security bill at the upper house of the parliament. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA

Opposition party councillor Taro Yamamoto gives the final appeal displaying green-coloured “No” ballot prior to his vote for the security bill at the upper house of the parliament. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURASource:AFP

Outside large crowds, which police estimated at around 11,000, called for the prime minister to step down, shouting: “Protect the constitution.” Nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the changes are a normalisation of Japan’s military status, which has been restricted to self-defence and aid missions by a pacifist constitution imposed by the US after World War II.

Opponents argue they go against both the constitution and the national psyche, and could see Japan dragged into American wars in far-flung parts of the globe.

Japan’s military — the so-called Self Defence Forces — has 227,000 personnel across its army, navy and air force. That is small fry compared to China’s 2.33 million and 1.43 million in the US, but more than Britain, Germany and France.

Protesters continued to rally outside the National Diet parliament in Tokyo, Friday, to protest against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plans to pass security legislation to expand the role of the country’s military. Protesters claim the bill will undermine Article 9 of the country’s post-war constitution which outlaws the use of war to settle international disputes. The protesters gathered outside Parliament to encourage parliamentarians to refrain from entering legislative committees and approving the bill’s measures. The protesters carried placards reading ?no war, love and peace? while chanting anti-Abe slogans. Abe has vowed to enact the laws to bolster Japan’s security stance by the end of the parliamentary session on September 27, amid a territorial dispute with China. The new legislation would allow the Japanese military to deploy abroad for the first time since 1945. The move would allow Japan to deploy troops to assist allies, likely the United States, without parliament’s approval or public debate. Analysts have linked the changes to the US’ ‘pivot to Asia,’ a policy widely seen to be an attempt to contain China.

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Flabba’s friends, family miss him dearly – Independent Online

flabba aug 17YOUTUBE Nkululeko Flabba Habedi, who was stabbed to death in his home in Alexandra in March this year.

Johannesburg – As the murder trial of Hip Hop Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi’s lover continued on Friday, friends and family said they remained devastated by his death in March.

“We are taking the loss like anyone who suffers a loss, we are all devastated,” fellow Skwatta Camp member Lebohang ‘Shugga Smax’ Mothibe told the media outside the High Court sitting in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

“Flabba will always be missed, the sense of humour … because that brought us together. We have been following the trial, I wanted to support the family… My outcome is whatever the court decides. We want justice. Flabba won’t come back whatever they decide. We are in constant communication with the family and have been supporting. We have been behind the scenes.”

Habedi’s brother Tshepang Habedi and his cousins said the trial brought back painful memories.

“We miss the jokes and everything. I can’t say much on the evidence but I know the truth,” Habedi said.

“Judgement wise, what’s the difference. She’s still going to come back to her family. Our brother won’t come back,” Habedi said.

Nkululeko Chauke, the friend who was with Habedi a few hours before he died added: “It’s emotional and draining, we hoped it would finished today.

“It’s bringing back memories. We would’ve loved it to be done by Flabba’s birthday which is the 17 October. I don’t understand why they had to postpone for two witnesses,” he said.

“He was my friend I miss him. The laughter and the jokes. He was there for me, we had a brotherhood.”

Earlier Sindisiwe Manqele’s lawyer, Norman Makhubela called two more witnesses to testify on her behalf.

Makhubela called Warrant Officer Paul Monene from the Alexandra police station.

“She was brought at 06:05 in the morning,” Monene said.

Monene said he noticed that she was bleeding on the left hand.

“I asked one of my colleagues to take her to Alexandra clinic,” Monene said.

Makhubela asked Monene whether Manqele was accompanied by a police man to the clinic.

“Yes, she was,” Monene replied.

Makhubela asked if Manqele had any other injuries.

“No, she didn’t,” Monene said.

Makhubela asked Monene whether he asked Manqele if she had any other injuries. The police officer said no he did not.

Makhubela asked whether policemen had anything to do with a file of a suspect when they are taken to a hospital or clinic.

“No,” Monene said.

Monene confirmed that Manqele was searched before she was detained but said he could not recall what she was wearing.

State prosecutor Paul Schutter later asked Monene how Manqele responded to questions.

“I asked her her name and how she sustained her injuries and she didn’t reply,” Monene said.

Monene said he could see she was injured on her hand.

Schutter then asked if Monene recalled Manqele’s emotional state.

“It’s difficult to describe her emotional state, I’d say she was scared,” Monene said.

Monene said he did not see the stab wounds on her stomach and she did not complain about them.

“I was not in a position to inspect her body which is why I instructed my colleague to take her to the clinic,” Monene said.

Makhubela later called their next witness Constable Godfrey Molobetsi who was stationed at Alexandra that morning.

Molobetsi said Habedi was covered with what looked like a duvet cover, when he arrived on the scene.

Makhubela asked Molobetsi whether Manqele was in the bedroom.

“That’s possible,” Molobetsi said.

Molobetsi said Manqele was wearing a brown vest with boxer shorts.

“I suggested that she put on something more appropriate, then she put on jeans and I’m not sure what on top,” Molobetsi said.

Molobetsi stated that he wasn’t good at identifying colours but was certain that Manqele had a brown top on.

Molobetsi told Schutter that she had broken in tears.

Schutter asked Molobetsi how long her her vest was and he replied: “I couldn’t see her body.”

Earlier metre taxi driver Khumbulani Ncube testified that Manqele had asked him to fetch her on the night the musician died because she did not want to go home with him.

On Thursday, Manqele had conceded in her testimony that she had intentionally stabbed Habedi, but said she had pushed and stabbed him in an attempt to get away from him and had not meant to kill him.

Gasps could be heard from the public gallery as she made the admission.

Manqele also admitted to being jealous of the other relationships Habedi was involved in.

“It’s natural. What woman wouldn’t be,” Manqele said.

The case was postponed to October 16 because two witnesses who are due to testify for the defence could not be found.

Manqele has pleaded not guilty to the murder and claims she was trying to protect herself from her violent lover.

Habedi, a member of hip-hop group Skwatta Kamp, was stabbed to death at his home in Alexandra on March 9. The popular musician was knifed in the chest.


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