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WhatsApp, just like Facebook messenger, enables the contacts engaged in chatting to know whether the other party is typing during the conversation or is dormant.

This feature is important since it enables the users to wait for a reply and assures them the other party is online or at least is following the conversation.

There are unique typing characteristics that users pick as they join and get hooked to WhatsApp. Below are some of the most prominent ones.

Deleting a Whole Message and Starting again

This normally happens with users who are not sure of what to say to their chat mates. They contemplate every word and are careful about what they put down. As a result, they keep the recipient in suspense. They are the kind of people who you will see on their timeline indicated “typing….”, then the “typing” stops. They think through and get back to typing again. They realize they do not have to say what they have written and delete it. They start again and send the message once they are done.

Fast and Furious

There are WhatsApp users who are online throughout, owing to the fact that WhatsApp is economical. Once they are notified that you have messaged them, they reply almost immediately. You are left wondering whether they were holding the smartphone just to reply to your message when you messaged them because of the quick response.

Such users understand the importance of feedback, because they encourage you to chat with them. In your contact list they are the go-to people. They are the people you call or text when you need a quick confirmation of some figures such as dates, time and they are reliable for solving urgent needs.

The Slow Ones 

These are the kind of users who take ages to reply, in a conversation. They are unpredictable and often disappoint when they are required to be active in communication. Due to their unreliability the other users choose to either ignore them or call them instead, because calls are more direct and demand more attention than mere text messages.

Being slow is never a selling point in socializing. Since slow users end up wasting other people’s time as well as their own; they are shunned like plague by users who are busy. Another reason is that people who type slowly end up chatting slowly in the long run. They leave the conversation half way without warning. They are likely to sleep in the process or digress to other activities. Talking about other activities, these people are usually very poor at multitasking.

The Jugglers

These are the best users to chat with. Their typing speed is amazing. Unlike the fast and furious types, they are consistent and are able to multitask. They can chat with you while calling another person on their PC and also chatting with a group of other users in various groups inside and outside WhatsApp. They manage both individual and group contacts and can handle them effortlessly.

They are not stressed by minor issues like locating the letters on a QWERTY keyboard, since they mastered the whole keyboard long ago. They are fast learners and aspire to network with different people. Most ladies are good at juggling while men perform poorly at it maybe because that is how their brains are engineered to perform.

Multitasking users are dynamic and sophisticated. They type with both hands and with most of their digits. They are not rigid to conventions. They are likely to get the spellings of words right because of their sharp coordination among the keyboard, screen and their minds.

The Silent Type

These users just watch messages flooding in and sit back for a while and when they start typing their first refer to the previous chats. You can send them (the silent users) hundreds of words but will reply with monologues such as “Okay, Yeah, Nah, or It depends.”

They do not exactly encourage debate, because their answers bear a tone of finality. It’s like they are tired of the discussion or are just praying that it ends.

Whichever typing type you are (no pun intended), enjoy your WhatsApp conversations.


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